Sitederencontrehot com val de travers

sitederencontrehot com val de travers

Historically, this river provided much of the water and fish for the valley. Areuse-source and gorge river course from the gentle source through the wild gorges all the way to Lake Neuenburg. 1,980 people were employed in the secondary sector and there were 162 businesses in this sector. Saint-Sulpice is home to an eco museum devoted to the theme of water-power. 5, of the built up area, housing and buildings made.5 and transportation infrastructure made.5.

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Of the rest of the land,.54 km2 (2.91 sq mi).0 is settled (buildings or roads.59 km2 (0.23 sq mi).5 is either rivers or lakes and.39 km2 (0.15 sq mi).3 is unproductive land. 8 Education edit In the canton of Neuchâtel most municipalities provide two years of non-mandatory kindergarten, followed by five years of mandatory primary education.

sitederencontrehot com val de travers

KGS Inventar (in German). Demographics edit Houses in Fleurier village Val-de-Travers had a population (as of December 2017) of 10,745. La Brévine coldest place in Switzerland Siberia of Switzerland in the neighbouring valley of the Val de Travers. 8 Most of the population (as of 2000) speaks French (88.9) as their first language, Italian is the second most common (3.0) and German is the third (2.7). Kantonale Schulstrukturen in der Schweiz und im Fürstentum Liechtenstein / Structures Scolaires Cantonales en Suisse et Dans la Principauté du Liechtenstein (PDF) (Report).

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sitederencontrehot com val de travers

6 As of 2008,.0 of the population are resident foreign nationals. Archived from the original on Retrieved EDK/cdip/ides (2010). «Métaries old mountain farms which have been turned into mountain guesthouses, are perfect for hikers to take a break, eat and drink. 7 In the 10 years (20002010) the population decreased.5. There were 4,677 Swiss women (43.2) and 891 (8.2) non-Swiss women. Motiers-Hotel-Six-Communes, previously used to be a midway station, used to house stables and rooms amongst other services. The valley provides a connection between the Swiss plateau and Franche-Comte. Ton navigateur n'est pas à jour.

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Decouvrir badoo nantes onex Highlights, asphalt mines discovered in 1711, the mixture consisting of bitumen and chalkstone was exported all over the world from 1830 to 1986. 5 The municipality is located in a valley in the Neuchâtel Jura. Of the working population,.1 used public transportation to get to work, and.3 used a private car. 8 The vacancy rate for the municipality, in 2010, was.39. SBB RailAway leisure shop, combined offer: journey using public transport and leisure offer (also for existing tickets) to Val de Travers.
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